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In the Tarot, the Fool card is typically the first card of the deck.

The beginning of taking the first steps of a journey.

The Fool card is numbered 0, which is a number of infinite potential, therefore, a blank slate with unlimited possibilities. A new beginning that could be a pivotal chapter in one’s life, especially since it is a Major Arcana card which is showing you the bigger picture of your life and the long term, important life lessons and events.

Just as there are many different images of The Fool card, there are just as many different journeys to take.

The Fool of today’s Tarot is someone who has just set out on an adventure in this global community world.

A fresh start.
Heading into a new direction.
Just picked up and started walking.
The little knapsack contains all the possession he is taking with him. Which, given the size of the sack, probably holds a toothbrush, a comb, a change of clothes, a cellphone charger, chapstick and maybe a dog treat or two for his faithful companion dog that is accompanying him on the journey. But that is it. Everything else the Fool is leaving behind and trusting in the Universe.
In that regard, the card should be renamed ‘The Adventurer’.
New beginnings and starts manifest in so many different ways.
Graduated college. A new job. A job promotion. Quit your job.

they could be more emotionally intense and personal –
Engagement. Broke up. Got married. Just divorced.

New beginnings could be
Moving to a new city, state, or country.
Or a new apartment or home

Maybe you just found out you were going to start a family.
Or add to your family.
Maybe a member of your family is moving in with you.
You adopted a pet. Or lost your pet.
Creativity can bring new starts –
You started writing the first lines of your novel or
You picked up a paintbrush and started painting on that canvas
Learning a new musical instrument or redecorating your home

Every new single action, every first step is a start of something - as a new beginning.

Many think that the card shows the Fool isn’t paying attention to where he is going.

I disagree.
Just because he is looking up at the sky instead of at path doesn’t mean he isn’t paying attention.
He might have a Bluetooth piece in his ear telling him where to place his steps along the path and which turn in the road to take.
Because you can’t see the earpiece doesn’t mean it isn’t there.
Like when we trust in the Universe.
Just because we can’t actually see the infinite wisdom the Universe give us it doesn’t mean it isn’t there.
On the traditional Fool card, the mountains of challenge are in the distance. My take is that The Fool has already been there and done that - gone through them, having conquered the challenges.
That hard stuff is behind him.

My personal mountains were trying to build this website – me, a techie challenged individual who could barely figure out how to post a pix on FB or how to do a Word document!
Many weeks of work slid into a couple months while I was on my building quest. Who knew trying to resize a one picture could take over an hour and half.

Like the Fool, I kept pressing forward, not knowing what was up ahead, but sure as heck knew what was behind me. Placing one foot in front of the other, never giving up. Because I was on a mission – my mission to have my website up and running. And giving up wasn’t an option.
The Universe kept urging to me to keep going, keep trying.
And I did.
I met the challenges head on and kept moving forward.

We are all on our own individual journeys and every day is another step forward into the future.
No, we don’t know what is ahead of us, but if we listen we can hear the Universe whispering to us – reminding us that It is there for us.
To take that risk and trust in it.
To be brave and adventurous and take that first step to a new beginning.

Today I am that Adventurer but instead of walking, I brought my website live.
A new start.
A new beginning..

Questions to ask:

What adventure would you like to set out on?
What is holding you back?
Is where you are today where you want to be next year? In 3 years?
Are you living your life to the fullest?
Is what you are doing today creating memories to last a lifetime?
Are you happy?
Things I am Grateful For Today:

My partner who has been by my side for decades

Friendships that have endured time

The sanctuary of my home in the forest

The sun shining in a puffy cloud sky

The smell of honeysuckle blooming

Wide open spaces that will stay wide open spaces

Lemons in my ice tea

Hearing the birds singing

Watching the chipmunks chasing each other in our backyard

My rescue kitty purring

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