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October 13 2019
Full Moon Aries

The illumination of the Full Moon in Aries on October 13, 2019 will be a time when we will need to find balance in our lives – where we have been giving too much or not enough of ourselves in other relationships. Aries is associated with the Emperor tarot card, a card that identifies areas in our relationships where there is imbalance of giving and receiving, what is feasible and reasonable.
We need to take a look at how we are honoring ourselves in context to our close relationships. And the Emperor encourages us to focus on realistic reasoning. To look at our responsibilities, rules. Right now to look at everything methodically and strategically to make the best decision for the future.
Is your life in balance?
Are you taking the time to take care of yourself?
Is there imbalance in your relationships –with your partner, family, work, friends, your spirituality, your health, your time, even your relationship with money?
Is it time to let some relationships go to make room for better ones?
Are you being flexible and practical?
What limitations have you been working with?
Look at the demands you have made upon yourself and use logic to strategically balance it all.
Compromise might be something that needs to be brought to the forefront to implement.
Do you need to utilize other resources to help you become balanced?
Do you have a strategy to prioritize to be able to go forward?
Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and is about leadership and initiative, not only in a business life but in our own personal lives. It is a time to make new starts.
Now is also the time to grow into the goals you have set for yourself. The goals that embody healthy balance in all areas of your life.
Know what your capabilities and limits are. You can’t and shouldn’t do everything. Step back, and delegate. Find ways to balance your work with time to relax and enjoy life.
Think about what next steps to take or what new strategies need to be put into place when it comes to how you view all the relationships in your life. Find the joy in your life, in the things you do, with the people in your life. Everyday make sure you put the to-do-list aside and take the time to enjoy life.
Full moons mark endings but with every end is a new beginning. Aries energy is the opportunity to create the balanced life you want and need.

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