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Dream Of New Horizons
November 26, 2019

Tuesday, November 26 at 7:05 a.m. PST, the new Moon at 4°03′ Sagittarius will rise, which is the last New Moon before the upcoming eclipse season begins. This is our chance to revisit themes, lessons, and patterns we have been working with since the last eclipse back in July 2019. Tuesday's New Moon will also be powerful for setting intentions and for activating our vision of what our future could be.

This New Moon brings great potentials while activating the Sagittarian qualities of optimism, intuition, and abundance. We are all going to be given the opportunity to embrace a new way of being so we can evolve and grow. It is a time that promotes all forms of growth, and is a potent time for writing wishes and goals for new beginnings in our lives. what our future could be.

You may be questioning your direction in life.
What is purposeful for you?
What fuels your passion?
What part of your life needs a major transformation?
Take the road less travelled to find yourselves & what is most important to us
To find that higher purpose that ignites our inspiration.
Don’t look to others to tell you what your path should or could be
When you stop and connect with your soul’s truth, your direction becomes clearer
So if you feel like your compass is not pointing in the right direction, this New Moon challenges you to confront your need for greater purpose & meaning
Pursue that which is true for you, even if no one else around you understands your reasons or passion March to the beat of your own drum
Go ahead and BE too much
You just might inspire others to be themselves with your courage and authenticity.
The Sagittarius New Moon reminds you that the world is waiting to be explored and inspires travels and adventures
Step outside your comfort zone and embrace new experiences
Make a point of reaching across any self-imposed blocks or boundaries and mingle multiculturally
Start a conversation with someone outside of your usual circles
It is time to leap in the direction of our passions and sense of purpose
To dare and make big plans
What can you do to honor your passions?
What can you do to connect with your sense of purpose?
How and where can you expand your horizons?
I felt that the Two of Wands message would be the appropriate card for this Sagittarius New Moon.
The Two of Wands is about planning and moving forward and of
taking those risks
new horizons
particularly as you gather courage to step outside your comfort zone and explore new worlds and experiences. You know what your goals are. Let your intuition and passion guide you on your next steps.
Ask yourself if you have been playing it way too safe and if this has left you standing in the same place you have been, longingly looking at the potential possibilities on the horizon. You know you want to live a full and rich life so that you can look back at each year and not have to wonder if you should have been braver, bolder, taken more risks.
Stop holding yourself back just because you are
if you can do something.
Time to move in a bolder direction that will have results becoming much larger than you thought.
You realize you need to leave the familiar to take advantage of upcoming opportunities.
Time to step out and explore new experiences and worlds.
This is about planning and moving forward
Weigh your options and decide with your intuition
Live your authentic life
Be your own unique person
Be confident in who you are just the way you are
Go forward into the horizons of the world.
Do you want to know what is on your horizons?
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