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New Moon February 23, 2020
New Seeds of Inspiration and Creativity

Sunday February 23rd, 2020 at 7.32 am PST we have a New Moon in Pisces at 04°28′ and is conjunct Mercury retrograde.

Pisces and the 12th house of the zodiac are about the ‘invisible world’ - dreams, the collective unconscious, mysticism, spirituality, divinity, extra sensorial perception, intuition, and pretty much everything we can’t see or touch. About a gentler way of being, of looking at the world through a more idealistic lens.

But it also is about miracles, idealism, emotions, unexpected opportunities, and pure magic. And thus, this New Moon is full of infinite creative energy and opportunities– and now is a wonderful time to express emotions through art and other creative means. About focusing on a vision for the longer term.

With Pisces’ heightened imagination and creativity, it is the perfect time for starting new creative projects and completing difficult ones, but with Mercury retrograde you may feel a little foggy, unsure, confused, feeling stuck, and pulled in different directions. You may not have a clear agenda. Things are not what they seem – that’s why you want to take your time. Pisces is ruled by Neptune which is known for deception. Not everything is as it seems. People and things can seem elusive, mysterious and unpredictable. Be aware and cautious.

Under this energy, reflect, and think about what you wish to bring into your life as this new cycle begins. Listen to your soul’s voice so that you can prepare for future. What emerges now is new growth, the seed of an idea born from dreams and wishes that you tried to push into your unconscious mind.
  • Pause and slow down to get in touch with your inner world
  • Connect with your soul center
  • Meditate
  • Look for signs
  • Ask your spirit guides
  • Discover new paths, new places and new possibilities
  • Open your eyes to the magic that is everywhere around you
Tune into your intuition. Get in touch with the hidden dreams of the future you want. Visualize. Pisces energy is very spiritual making this one of the best times for manifestation. But be very VERY crystal clear and detailed in what you truly want - your most deepest and sincerest desires. If you are not, the outcome can be a disappointment.

This New Moon in Pisces will increase your creativity and ability to dream big. A time for daring choices and decisions. The New Moon is the opportune time to launch new projects and to follow your dreams.

If you can dream it
you can manifest it and
have it be your reality.

The Tarot Cards for this New Moon are
The Moon and Ace of Wands
Awakening Creative Expression and Opportunities

The Moon represents intuition, creativity, imagination
What we long for
Accessing that what is hidden
That things are not what they seem

It reminds us that our reality is ruled by our beliefs. When we get in touch with ourselves we get in touch with our creativity.

The Ace of Wands is about new opportunities, growth and potential
Creative expression
Coming up with new ideas that motivate and inspire a new path.
Follow your inspiration
Be bold
Start something new
Take the first step to walk that unknown path
A whole new world of possibilities is available to you.

What hidden dreams do you have?
What seeds of creativity do you want to nurture?
What do you want your future to look like?

Joyful Blessings
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