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New Moon Solar Eclipse in Sagittarius
December 14, 2020
New Perspective, New Direction

This New Moon Solar Eclipse 23 degrees Sagittarius at 8:16am PDT at means embracing new beginning energy and expansion, transformation, making changes to old intentions or goals and revamping them. This will be followed by growth and optimism to help move you towards a new and more authentic direction.
Solar Eclipses are powerful omens of change. This cosmic event offers an opportunity to begin a brand new cycle of growth emphasizing the requirement to completely let go of the past, our expectations related to it, letting go of beliefs and narrow ways of thinking which no longer fit the world you live in now. Not only does this apply to the world, but it also speaks to you to focus on personal development and spiritual growth.
Use this energy to get clear on what choices you want to make
What path you truly want to take
What you want to continue to create
To make the conscious effort to heal and free yourself from the restraints of your past
And to end old, karmic cycles that no longer serve a purpose
This New Moon is encouraging you to make lemonade out of our lemons. Clear space for the next steps in your life’s journey where new doors of opportunity will open. Get reenergized for there is clarity in your vision enabling you to focus on what you want to see manifest in your life. Know that everything will begin to shift towards a new destiny – one that has been in the making throughout this past year.
Pay attention to the events and thoughts filling your time and mind at this time. What you think about expands, especially under the power of this eclipse. Your ability to create and draw things to you is amplified right now, so pay attention to what you are choosing to focus on.
Shift out of wishing things were different and self-limiting thinking.

Instead be open to the abundance around you and to all that you have to offer others.

Give from your heart and see if you can give from a more heart-centered place rather than of obligation. Care for others not because you expect something in return, but from a true desire to contribute and make a difference.
Look into the distance of the future and put renewed focus into something that you didn’t realize has potential. There really is something better out there that wants to find you. This New Moon coupled with the Solar Eclipse gives strong desire and initiative to make plans, set new goals, start new projects and to act on them with courage and confidence. Listen to your own inner voice and keep your heart pointed in the direction you wish to head.
This New Moon Solar Eclipse features the Ace of Swords with the Page of Wands.

A new perspective is coming where you can see the world from a new point of view with different ways of thinking and understanding.
Free yourself of limitations set by others. Break out of comfortable old habits. Know that you can overcome obstacles and that your strength lies in the adversity you have gone through. Replace obsolete techniques and outmoded procedures. Overcome personal discouragements while leaving the past behind for you need to figure out and confront what isn’t working in your life which will then enable you to embrace new possibilities and opportunities.
Follow your heart and move boldly forward on your path ahead that will change your life. Remove your fears and believe in yourself so you can courageously face up to the new challenges that will open new paradigms for your life.

Stay positive in the face of challenges. This New Moon is about letting go of outdated beliefs and assumptions that belong to the past while embracing self-discovery and self-actualization which will support setting your new life directions and goals. It is about planting the seeds of what you want to see manifest in your life in the coming New Year.

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Joyful and Peaceful Blessings,
Lisa Luna
Cards from the following decks (in order shown): Moonology Oracle by Yasmin Boland and Nyx Rowan; The Light Seer’s’ Tarot by Chris-Anne; The Journey of the Sacred Bee Tarot by Kelly Burton; Oak, Ash & Thorn Tarot by Stephanie Burrows and Adam Oehlers; The Children of Litha Tarot by Alexandria Huntington; Guardian of the Night Tarot by M.J. Cullinane; Shadowscapes Tarot by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law and Barbara Moore; The Tarot of Enchanted Dreams by Yasmeen Westwood.
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