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New Moon Capricorn
January 12-13, 2021
Withdraw, Plan, Organize

The first New Moon of 2021 takes place in the earth sign of Capricorn on January 12 at 9:00 pm PST and Jan 13th at 12:00am EST. Instead of falling back into the old ways, think about how to be moving forward, about setting intentions from a new place of knowing.
2021 will be a year of rebuilding and a paradigm shift in the way we see and interact with our immediate world and the bigger world around us. Times of crisis will require transformation and this rebuilding may not come easily and will demand patience and perseverance from all of us. It will be challenging for anyone insisting on clinging to the past and old ways. It’s time to break harmful patterns and recognize our mistakes with grace and dignity.
This New Moon occurs with a conjunction to Pluto, which deepens and makes for a powerful and profound fresh starts. Review what, from the past year, can be taken forward and how to do better in the year ahead. Use all that has been learned and apply it to whatever seeds of intention you plant on this New Moon.
Dig deep within to reveal what truly matters to you. Start to plan your goals and intentions around work, money matters, long term goals, your public image and identity, and laying a foundation for the years ahead. Not just for the next year, but for the coming years.

Don’t underestimate yourself. You will be feeling more intentional about the kind of change you want to make that allow you to make significant strides towards a brighter future. This metamorphic process will lead to enlightening revelations and greater self-esteem and confidence.

This is the beginning of increasing your personal power and ability to influence the outcomes in your life. Your ability to engage in research and investigation will help uncover secrets and truths that you may not want to recognize or accept, or you might not like the answers you get. This is necessary to open your mind to something you've been resisting. Addressing these and any unexpected changes and buildup of frustrations and tensions will open up greater opportunities for your ability to move forward.
Right now, you may be feeling tired, frazzled, overburdened, frustrated or even asking too much of yourself and others. Your need for freedom will conflict with your need for structure and stability. Now is the right time to figure out what boundaries you have in place, which need to be adjusted and which need to be put up. To organize, prioritize, and practice powerful self-care in order to endure the upcoming changes.
Events may come up that challenge and knock you off your balance with unsettling restlessness, tensions, division and even power struggles that swirl around with discord, strife and surprising changes. These situations will require you to make difficult decisions to handle the moments of internal and external conflict, and will be the hurdles to overcome to move forward. This is also a time to get to the bottom of any serious relationship difficulties. Complex relationship dynamics will become clearer to you as will how to navigate through them. During this time, you might get some news or learn come information that unsettles you. This isn't necessarily bad, because it may be necessary to open your mind to something you've been resisting.
Because this New Moon favors transformations, take time to withdraw and take a good look at yourself, your everyday life, and where you want to be in the future. Discover what needs to go as you proceed with a greater sense of clarity, order and determination. It will be a time to eliminate unnecessary clutter in your life – thoughts, beliefs, ideas, activities, habits, things, and even people – that are detractions and hinderances from your ultimate goals.
No matter what challenges come your way, you have the ability to overcome any hurdles that are placed in your path. If something hasn’t gone according to your plan, there are always opportunities to try again. To start new things. Practice persistence and patience since you’re developing the groundwork for the long-term now.
Leaving behind what no longer serves you is the message of the Six of Swords Tarot card. You are in a state of transition, leaving behind what was familiar, accepting the lessons you have learned and now moving towards the unknown. Let go of whatever from your past is holding you back and instead look ahead to the future.
With the Two of Wands, you are taking the time to plan your path ahead. You are open to a fresh start but know that it will require prioritizing and organizing your short-term goals to reach the long-term ones. Instead of looking back, you are looking forward.

Transformational forces will slowly help you leave what no longer works and shift your outlooks, beliefs, stance while guiding you to plan and get going for the future.

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Joyful and Peaceful Blessings,
Lisa Luna
Cards from the following decks (in order shown): Moonology Oracle by Yasmin Boland and Nyx Rowan; The Journey of the Sacred Bee Tarot by Kelly Burton; Oak, Ash & Thorn Tarot by Stephanie Burrows and Adam Oehlers; Crow Tarot by MJ Cullinane; The Children of Litha Tarot by Alexandria Huntington; The Light Seer’s Tarot by Chris-Anne; Shadowscapes Tarot by Stephanie Pui-Mun Law and Barbara Moore; Superlunaris Tarot Deck by Jess Schuler and Jacob Schaffer.
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