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New Moon in Pisces
Saturday, March 13 at 2:21am PST
Intuition, Imagination, Dreams

The New Moon in Pisces on Saturday, March 13th at 2:21am PST is asking you to dream big. And for a better chance of making your dreams a reality, it is time to lay the foundation for a more aligned life and tune in to your heart’s desires.
Since the Winter Solstice in December 2020, there is an awakening to live a life that feels more authentic and spiritual. With this New Moon energy, you have the chance to make important changes in your life to use this energy to develop a higher vision of and for yourself.
Visualize and feel how you want to be in this new you that is gradually being created.

Pisces rules sleep and other altered states of consciousness, slipping you to tune into your imagination and subconscious - right now your sleeping dreams will be more vivid, intense, and more real. So keep a dream journal on the nightstand to immediately write down what you remember upon awakening. Like a jigsaw puzzle, these dreams will be some of the pieces you need for putting together the information about where you are being guided next on your life’s journey.

This is a time of heightened intuition, and you will be more aware of your surroundings, developing an acute perceptiveness of everything and everyone around you. The lessons and events which you will encounter during this time will be through your emotions that involve interpersonal or intrapersonal relationships. How you relate to others and how you relate to yourself will come into greater clarity now, allowing you to accept imperfections in yourself and in others.
Consciously distance yourself from negativity during this time – thinking, emotions, situations, people. Let go of what has been holding on from the past. Avoid denial even if it's painful to acknowledge and accept because dealing with those issues is necessary for healing. Make peace with the past, learn from the past, but let it go so it doesn’t hinder your future.
If you have been searching for clarity in regards to relationships, this New Moon brings some new inspiration to guide your decisions. These include relationships with family and friends, love and romance, finances and money, work and co-workers, and even the relationship with yourself. You will be inspired to see things from a new perspective and do things differently which will be the best for all.
Any dissatisfaction in any areas of your life will be more obvious to you, prompting a desire to fix what needs fixing. Let go of old perspectives and find new options. Change is both inevitable and essential for growth. With your heightened intuition, emotions and creativity , you sense what needs to go – and where the opportunities for growth are so you can begin moving confidently toward the future you want. Tap into your imagination to guide you to create exciting possibilities that are unique to you and your life’s mission.

You will find that truths about yourself, others, and your world will bubble to the surface. Don’t believe everything you hear. Do not look outside yourself for guidance but instead listen to your inner guidance. Trust what you feel as you come to understand where you are being guided to go next.

This New Moon is also about the need to consciously accept your personal limitations, even if imposed by others, in order to focus your energies and to live a centered and fulfilled life. This time is about raising your awareness of the interconnectedness of all life, and is a lesson that you need to embrace if you want to move forward with hope and positivity.
There is some extra power in this New Moon and it will set the pace for weeks and months to come. So stop procrastinating and get moving! Start by setting clear intentions for attaining your big picture dreams and goals. Take the first steps towards the life you want – the life you don’t want to miss.
The High Priestess asks you to pay attention to your intuition, dreams, imagination, symbols and synchronicities which all will illuminate the way for you. Listen to that inner voice and your emotions which will open your eyes to your true potential. Be open to the signs that show up in your life and to your dreams that have synched your subconscious with the Universe. Look beyond the obvious and find the hidden truths. Turn inwards, for your intuition is a powerful guidance system.
Expand your belief system to envision that more is possible than you could ever have imagined. Learn to trust your intuition and the Universe to help you find the missing puzzle pieces to your life’s journey. Great things take time and dreams can and do become a reality. Your reality.
Want to know what puzzle pieces are on your Journey through 2021?
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Joyful and Peaceful Blessings,
Lisa Luna
Cards from: Moonology Oracle by Y. Boland and N. Rowan; The Gift of Life Tarot by Alice Smeets; The Mary-El Tarot by M. White; The Muse Tarot by Chris-Anne; El Tarot de los Magos by C. Kenner and J. Blumen; SuperLunaris by J. Schuler and J. Schaffer; Ostara Tarot by K.Gibbard; Guardians of the Night and Crow Tarot by M.J. Cullinane; Cosmos Tarot by Lindsay Nohl and Light Grey Art Lab ; The Key Tarot by S. Ravenswood and J. Gold; Journey of the Sacred Bee by Kelly Burton.
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