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New Moon Scorpio
November 4, 2021 at 2:14pm PDT
Expect the Unexpected

New moons are fresh starts, and this new Moon in Scorpio forms an exact opposition to Uranus—planet of insight, shock, awe and unexpected change in just about everything--from your job, relationships, hobbies and interests, to your commute, your exercise class –absolutely nothing is off limits. It can also bring sudden liberating major changes and events as well as emotional breakthroughs. Expect the unexpected.
Change is often daunting, and any uneasiness and anxiousness you're feeling this month should feel fairly familiar, especially since this past year has been marked by an ongoing, shake-up of limitations and boundaries, and difficult changes have been the major theme all year. You will benefit by being aware of ways in which you are too rigid, resistant, or defensive and by being more flexible. This New Moon will help you see how far you have come in your process of awakening, and will also show you how far you still need to go.
Be willing to explore powerful, complex feelings that can surface this New Moon, which can be uncomfortable but also inspiring at the same time. Learning to adapt to changes will help ease these feelings and open doors to better understanding of your motivations and behaviors that contribute to the decisions you have made in your life and how you live your life, which in turn will help you to keep an open mind to find better ways through these times.
Not only will you have the urge to express your emotions, you may also experience them more fully and intensely than you usually do. Break free of anything that is no longer serving you. You feel a push to move in a whole new direction especially since there’s a side of your authenticity that is struggling to be seen. By making considerable changes, you can allow it to express itself bringing you not only more freedom but a huge rush of energy and creativity. Start doing things your own way by trying new and exciting ways to live your life to the fullest and to explore and express your unique individuality and personality.
This is a good month for romance and also for pursuing one-on-one connections that will build meaningful bonds and long-lasting contacts. Start by taking a closer look at all your relationships as to how you’ve been dealing with them and how you want to continue. Let go of past regrets. Forgive past hurts. Address any tensions, hurt and anger that may be simmering in deep unresolved problems which can create arguments or separations. Know that you may be too impatient or unwilling to adapt which can create an ‘all or nothing’ attitude negating any resolutions.
You could even have exes, old friends and soulmates returning into your life, so if there is anyone special you would like to have either a reunion or closure with, the time is now. Shallow relationships may need to go and intimate relationships may need a new approach with a focus on one special relationship. Don't be surprised if you find yourself moving in an exciting new direction with your current partner or a new flame.

This New Moon Scorpio is about transformational changes in our lives, and there are two tarot cards that specifically address these types of changes.

The Wheel of Fortune is always turning and life is a state of constant change and cycles. It symbolizes the inevitability of beginnings, and, of course, endings. We are the center of the wheel and circumstances and factors, seen and unseen, that influence us lay on the outside of the wheel.
While much that comes during this time may be unexpected and unfamiliar, these are invitations to turn things around and take an entirely new direction in your life. Ask yourself - how do you want to respond -to the good, bad, and everything in between? Your thoughts and actions can reverberate, and how you harness the energy of the Wheel through your choices and mindset makes all the difference. Go with the flow of these changes that will be the turning points in your life. By doing so, there will be opportunities you could never imagine that will suddenly be available to you that will make significant changes in your life.
The card associated with Scorpio is the Death card. While it is often one of the most dreaded cards, it has to do with much needed and liberating changes in your life resulting in transformations. Sometimes, we cling to things that we should release, and we either wake up and let them go, or they are taken away from us. In either case, endings are painful. But with every ending comes new beginnings and a fresh start. These transformational moments are what shape the course of our lives. Embrace the changes that are nudging you in a new direction and get going. You couldn’t ask for a better time than now.
This New Moon offers the opportunity to dig deeper for a stronger foundation. These metamorphosis points in your life help you to grow into the person you are meant to be. Under this month’s powerful New Moon, take the opportunity to reinvent yourself as you journey into your powerful future. A New Moon can be influential for up to six months, so whatever adjustments or actions you need to take now could take as long as six months to complete. Take your time—there is no rush.
Questions about what changes are ahead on your journey’s path?
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Until Next Time,
Joyful and Peaceful Blessings,
Lisa Luna
Cards from (not all in order shown): Moonology by Y. Boland and N. Rowan; Tarot for Kids by T. Reed and K. Whitman; Gold Lyre Tarot by L. Martin and C. Scanlon; The Cosmo Tarot by Sarah Potter; The Herbcrafter’s Tarot by J. Colbert and L. Guthrie; The New Chapter Tarot by K. Briggs; White Sage Tarot by Theresa Hutch
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