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Full Moon Taurus and Partial Lunar Eclipse
November 19, 2021 at 12:57 am PST
Changes, Evolution

The Full Moon in Taurus Partial Lunar Eclipse, November 19, 2021 at 12:57 am PST is an extremely long eclipse, the longest of its type in fact for over a thousand years, lasting for 3.5 hours portending what is ahead.
Eclipses are powerful and set things into motion that represent portals of transformation with fated events entering into our lives to help elevate our growth. They help us cut cords, take leaps of faith and awaken new insights. These transformations and awakenings may be quick and sudden, or may take time to help us really understand what growth we are going through.

This Eclipse gives a hint of things and themes to come in the near future since it is moving us out of a two-year thinking/acting phase and into a new two-year feeling/sensing phase during which we specifically will work with issues of security and stability, loyalty, trust, finances and possessions, profound changes and uncertainty, and deep emotional responses to feeling a lack of control. Our capacity to stay grounded, centered and focused amidst these transitional times will be required.

For clues on what this new Eclipse cycle may bring into your life, think back to 2013 -2014 and during November-December 2002, and the growth you went through during those periods of time. Some of the same lessons you were working with then are circling around once again, though because of your life experiences since then, you will be handling them differently this time. Although not exact duplicates from the past, there will lessons with similar learnings involved. What changes happened back then and how did you integrate them into your life? How did you evolve during that time period? Knowing this can help you gain perspective on events that will transpire now and in the near future and help you address and deal with them.
This Eclipse will bring to light hidden aspects of what you’d rather not deal with but will result in new insights into what your values are and what you find worthy. Anything that you’ve been neglecting to see and issues you are in denial over can suddenly come to the surface. All matters of the heart, love, and finances will be highlighted including the relationships in your life and the relationship with yourself. It will spotlight and ask you to work on and then release your behaviors, patterns, attitudes and beliefs that are blocking you from forming deeper and more intimate relationships with others and with yourself. Allow this opportunity to awaken your heart and step into your full power.
Be open to new and different experiences that will allow you to understand what is needed and required for your security and stability. Put aside being hard on yourself and instead be kind. Remind yourself of all your successes and love yourself through whatever has crossed your path. As you extend this love towards yourself, you will find it easier to extend these same graces to others in your life.
During this time explore whether you have the resources, skills, talents and beliefs to build yourself a bigger and brighter future. Hoping for a better world, both individually and collectively, is important but you also have to back that up with actions and decisions in the here and now. Embrace this Eclipse energy, learn from the lessons that that it brings, and allow it to show you the way to the next chapter of your growth and evolution.
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Until Next Time,
Joyful and Peaceful Blessings,
Lisa Luna
Cards from: Moonology Oracle by Yasmin Boland; The Aboriginal Spirit Oracle by Mel Brown; Shamanic Healing Oracle by Michelle Motuzas
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