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Dec 3 (4) New Moon in Sagittarius
Solar Eclipse at 11:43pm PST (2:43AM EST on Dec. 4th)
Shifts, Transformations and New Chapters

We start the last month of 2021 with a New Moon in Sagittarius total Solar Eclipse representing the harsher realities of where you have been, what you are leaving behind and where you are heading. This is a cycle that began around June 2020 and ends in early January 2022. It is energy about endings, new beginnings and rebuilding.
You can now see a pattern in how you were being guided and where you were being asked to level up in your life. Now is the time to look back – what has changed and how have you transformed your life and what have you learned? Integrate that wisdom into your reality, especially since you will feel compelled to change your external conditions to begin something new. There are certain events and ideas that will come to a conclusion – let them - as you see more clearly the next chapters that you will be working with as they unfold before you. The physical and emotional foundations of your life are being re-set.
New Moons are linked to beginnings, solar eclipses are for new beginnings and new journeys, and Sagittarius rules opportunity, expansion, and new experiences. Start to think bigger and your ideas will bring you new possibilities. Because an eclipse helps illuminate your karmic path and moves you towards what you feel as the inevitable path or solution, as this all comes together, you are feeling more positive and wanting to embrace the changes.
Whatever in your life has become stagnant and is holding you back, will now be front and center. Some will feel this energy as quick and abrupt, with sudden shifts and endings with shocks, upheavals and surprises. Though this can be jarring, it will help realign you by speeding up the inevitable and highlighting the harsher truths you need to see. This can all bring unwanted drama while forcing you to examine every assumption you have, and the next 6 months of events will pop up in your daily life that can bring up long-buried feelings. These themes are resurfacing to show you where you've allowed yourself to stay inflexible and stuck.
Now is the time to release your self-imposed limitations and break free from limiting beliefs to change them and widen your horizons. It will also force many to face where you might be deceiving or deluding yourself. Whatever this cycle has triggered, you will begin to see the end of the journey which will allow you to grow and change and head a new direction. Pay attention to the people in your life – especially those who you surround yourself the most - who have influence in your life. You'll be pushed to figure out which outside advice is helpful to embrace, and which you'd be better off dropping.
For some this time will bring revelations that help make more sense of an unresolved situation, especially if a strained relationship has been tense and where rationale might seem to be non-existent. If something seems amiss, avoid overreacting and getting caught up in the drama. New information may be revealed allowing you to see a deeper truth, but this might bring some relationships to a culmination. Don’t expect tidy endings. Either the truth will be spoken and will allow the relationship to move forward or, prepare to let it end and if so, know it is for the best in the long run.
Previously missed opportunities might circle back, and this time around, you’ll be in a better position to seize them. Time to acquire new skills and knowledge, whether through formal schooling or on your own merit. Or, you may be making some big moves, be it through traveling or actually picking up and moving to a completely different state or part of the world. Know that your home base becomes very important for the next 6 months and this is the perfect time to move, refresh or renovate.

Eclipses tend to bring events that shift and transform our lives, allowing us to step into a new chapter of our soul’s evolution. They are powerful and tend to direct us wherever we need to go. Trust in this process. Don’t be tempted to force things that are not meant to be. In spite of the rough spots during this eclipse, you will have new insights and be able to envision a more positive future as you see more clearly as the next chapters that you will be working with unfold before you.

The 9 Of Wands is about you enduring and overcoming significant challenges and struggles along your path. Don’t let go of your hopes and dreams when you are so close to making them a reality. Lean into this period of uncertainty with wisdom and patience, looking at long-term solutions instead of short-term answers. Stand firm in the face of your challenges, and you will achieve your goals. You have the inner resources necessary to overcome any difficulties you encounter. Even though it was extremely tough, you have made it through 2021. Now is the time to look to what is beyond. The card is a sign of hope and encouragement that with courage you can attain success. Be thankful for the journey and honor the lessons and growth you have achieved.
A new clarity is emerging along with an opening to a much needed change to a new chapter. Don’t hold yourself back from manifesting what you deeply desire because any strong intentions made during this Solar Eclipse will grow. If you believe in yourself, anything is possible.
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Until Next Time,
Joyful and Peaceful Blessings,
Lisa Luna
Cards (in order shown): Moonology Oracle by Yasmin Boland and Nyx Rowan; Farrago Spiritum Tarot by R.B. Zingaro and Y. Endrijautzki; Journey of the Sacred Bee by Kelly Burton; The Tarot of Curious Creatures by Chris-Anne; Couture Tarot by Megan Skinner; The Tarot of the Enchanted Dreams by Yasmeen Westwood; Animal Tarot by L. Robertson and E. Smith; The Muse Tarot by Chris-Anne
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