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New Moon Pisces
March 2, 2022 at 9:34 am (PST)
Spirituality, Healing, Compassion

With this potent New Moon Pisces energy, commit to personal goals that expand, explore, pursue spirituality and creativity, and motivate you to start to do things differently as you find new ways to take action and make important changes in your life. Pisces is about beginnings that focus on how to express your artistic, creative imagination but it is also about endings that deal with healing old wounds and letting go.
Pay close attention to your dreams for they are going to hold messages about what needs to end to allow room for the new. Pisces represents all that we ignore, deny, or suppress, especially when hidden in the past. This New Moon offers opportunities for understanding, forgiveness, and healing. But, before you shed parts of the past and move toward your new visions and opportunities, ask yourself:
Are there things you need to release?
Have you been carrying around grudges from years ago?
Are you letting incorrect stories from your past define who you are today?
What experiences from your past need to be reframed as soul lessons and a source of inner strength?
How and where is your past coloring your present and thereby impeding your future?
Do you need to work on accepting imperfections in yourself and in others?
Where would you need to extend forgiveness?
Do you need to have more empathy and compassion for yourself and others?
This doesn't mean you have to invite everything back into your life, but it does mean accepting people, situations, and events for what they are and were and all that they are not—and finding some divine serenity therein. It is o.k. if you can’t figure this out. Ask for some help from those experienced to help you view things through a more empowering lens. You may find that what you release evolves into a healing gift that you can then share with someone else going through similar struggles.
The Pisces New Moon asks you to open your heart, tap into your intuition, and trust your inner wisdom. Dreams may be vivid and prophetic but look closely for they may hold the answers you need. It’s time to set some intentions without the usual astrological resistance. Dream big and look ahead. Unleash your imagination to truly open up your life, your mind, and your heart, to allow change to enter, even though it may not always be in the way you had imagined. Gaze upon the ocean of possibilities and ask yourself: ‘Who would you be if you didn’t know who you are?’
Commit to personal goals that include taking a leap of faith, starting a project that requires imagination, and consciously putting time aside for peaceful and rejuvenating pursuits that calm and soothe you. Do what needs to be done to make wherever you live your very own sanctuary – a place of tranquility. Pisces New Moon is the perfect time to be newly inspired about your spiritual growth, and represents the need to take the time to explore and honor your spirituality. Take the invitation it is offering for your soul to be inspired to open new doors on your spiritual path.
This is going to be a time of deep transformation not only for you, but also everyone on the planet. It won’t be easy, especially with the intensity of what is happening on the world stage today. Find ways to release the anxiety and fear that can take control of your everyday thoughts and life. Prepare to feel a heightened sense of sensitivity as emotions can build up very suddenly under this New Moon. Try to remember not to take things personally for we are all feeling highly emotional right now. Pisces is an immensely compassionate sign, so tap into this energy to help you have understanding and empathy for yourself and for others.
The seeds of your dreams that you plant now will come to fruition around September of this year. Listen to your intuition, dream big and take some risks. Use this New Moon to move forward with confidence and hope, even if you are not entirely sure how it’s going to turn out. Heal what needs to be healed and forgiven thereby making space in your life right now and also where you want to go. Stay positive for the best possible outcomes to happen.
What do you need to know about where you want to go? Schedule a Reading with me to find out!
Until Next Time,
Joyful and Peaceful Blessings,
Lisa Luna
Cards from: Moonology Oracle by Yasmin Boland; Shamanic Healing Oracle by Michelle Motuzas; Whispers of the Ocean Oracle by Angela Hartfield.; Last image ‘GrandMother Spider’ © Jo Jayson 2016 and used with permission.
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