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November 23, 2022 at 2:57 PST
New Moon Sagittarius
Courage, Optimism, Possibilities

Time to do some inner work and look at the world from a different perspective to make sense of reality. Focus on goals that will give you the confidence to plant the seeds of optimism with the courage to expand your horizons.
Come up with those big ideas, those big plans, to see the big picture and test out new boundaries. Envision what is really possible and then back it with actions that speak louder than words. If there are some aspects in your life that have outlived their usefulness, now is the time to make the changes including looking at who you allow into your social circle and whether everybody warrants being there. Gravitate towards those relationships that will help you achieve the support you need in your quest. Remember and reconnect with those people, activities and hobbies that made you feel like you could accomplish anything.
Start something new, no matter how big or small. Believe in yourself and your ability to deal with and learn from whatever you may encounter along the way by considering all the possibilities that are before you instead of just the challenges and roadblocks you may encounter along the way. Focus on what you want to do instead of what you don’t because what you focus on grows stronger in your life.
This is a powerful New Moon for finding your potential and setting intentions that support it. So often we stop short of what we are capable of achieving. Venturing into the new can have us sabotaging ourselves right before even beginning without ever knowing what would happen if we actually made it. Some of this comes from fear of the unknown, fear of success, and some comes from fear of failure. It all comes from fear, though.
With this New Moon you don’t have to wait for all your fears to go away – you have an opportunity to step away from them. Deliberate actions tend to quiet if not silence fear. To create a life that breaks you out of old patterns and behaviors, you need to rewrite some truths. You need to step out of comfort zones that limit you and let yourself get lost in the unknown allowing uncertainty to open the doorways to an expanded life. It’s up to you how you will use these New Moon energies, so start by believing in yourself, imagining great possibilities, taking those first steps toward your dreams or wishes. A small step, even a tiny change can make all the difference in your future.
Notice how over the past year, your beliefs and views have been changing, fine-tuning, thereby allowing you to question how you attribute meaning to and in your life. You are the sum of what you do every day - day in and day out— which can make it hard to focus on the big picture. Start by finding adventure in the everyday – do something different or new, do something from your childhood. Explore, seek adventure, do the things you’ve been wanting to do but didn’t feel ready for, good enough for, or even slightly embarrassed about. You are ready. Now’s the time to release the fear and doubt, and take the leap without looking back fully knowing that every choice you make is creating your future. You will be supported and rewarded in ways beyond your imagination.
The Knight of Wands is a great adventurer who is passionate, daring with nothing holding her back; who is willing to venture into unknown territories to further her mission and dreams. She has a strong desire to explore every part of the world in order to fulfill her insatiable curiosity. Her sense of adventure has a profound destiny awaiting her. This Knight shows the actual pursuit of those adventures. Like the Knight, become charged up with energy, passion, motivation, and enthusiasm, and channel it all into your inspired actions - you are ready to move forward to turn your visions into reality.
This optimistic New Moon asks you to take a step back and see the bigger picture of your life. Look beyond what’s in front of you so you can search for something new for your future. Harness this energy to look for ways to transcend the details of day-to-day life and the ways you are limiting yourself. Expand your perception and see how much opportunity is available to you when you see what’s available to you when focusing on the possibilities in your life instead of your fears. This will enable you to take the actions to nurture your faith, hope, and vision that will give you the gift of belief and knowing that you can achieve your dreams.
Abundant Blessings,
Lisa Luna
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Cards in order shown: Moonology Oracle by Yasmin Boland; The Muse Tarot by Chris-Anne; The Pacific Northwest Tarot by Brendan Marnell; Couture Tarot by Megan Skinner; Wizards Tarot by Barbara Moore; The Meraki Tarot by Bouchette Design; Gaian Tarot by Joanna Powell Colbert.
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