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Full Moon in Libra
April 5, 2023 at 9:37pm PDT
Review, Reflect, Balance

April’s Full Moon in Libra traditionally is known as the Pink Full Moon, a name given by Native Americans to represent the color of the wild ground phlox, one of the earliest flowers to bloom this month.

Libra is the sign of scales, and this Full Moon Libra is also in the 11th astrological house of relationships, partnerships, friends, platonic relationships, and community which reminds you of the importance of people in your life, while revealing areas where there may be issues surrounding understanding, balance, harmony and fairness

Because it is a Full Moon, you’ll have a heightened awareness of your emotions, giving you clarity about any inequities in your partnerships. Ask yourself which partnerships are you investing in? Is there less of an investment that needs to be made, or a conversation that needs to be had? Where do you need to find common ground — or walk away?

Although it is easier to keep things pleasant and nice, this is the time to venture into fundamental questions that will disturb the peace. Be open and willing to see the attitudes, behaviors or patterns that might no longer be serving you in your relationships. Be firm and decisive.

The balancing act isn’t going to happen on its own. It is your responsibility to consider your connections and examine any places where they’re one-sided or lacking harmony. Libra will shine a spotlight on how you show up for them and relationship epiphanies can occur now. Reflect on any relationships where there may be issues about being self-serving or not pulling full weight.
What can you do to show up for yourself, as well as those around you?
Where are things harmonious, and where are they out of whack?
Where might apologies be needed and by whom?
Are you holding any grudges?
Now is a great time to clear the air or celebrate relationships that are strong.
This Pink Full Moon urges you to strike a balance between meeting your personal needs and the needs of others. Balance and nourish yourself. Place boundaries when needed. Keep an open mind to the revelations about your independence and your need for others. Where have you been investing too little or too much time? Where have you been too giving or not giving enough? Where have you spoken your mind without tact or where have you not spoken up when you should have?
Healing breakthroughs will allow you to find the strength, compassion and awareness you need to then choose to commit strengthening your bonds or let go and walk away from what and who no longer are in alignment with your highest good. Recognize what you need to let go of to move forward and there might need to be closure around these relationships. If someone is moving on, set them free but make sure the ending is clean. Don't leave loose ends or porous boundaries wide open. Close it down so that the path is clear for new partnerships for all involved.
This Libra balance reminds me of the character Rose from the show “The Golden Girls”. With a smile on her face, zest for life and a kind word to share, Rose knew how to balance her peppy attitude and sweetness with the realities and difficulties of life, while overlooking and forgiving others, which required a great deal of balance. Even though she did have her moments where the scales balanced the other way.

Rose was adept at balancing sweetness with sarcasm, words of comfort with one-line zingers, forgiveness with quiet ruthlessness, being assertive with compromise, taking care of others with the time to nurture herself.

With this Full Moon redefine and build your relationships. Be aware of everything that comes with maintaining them – compromise, negotiating, graciousness and balance. The goal of this lunation is to find the balance between what you need and what you need to do for others and where compromise can best serve you in your desire to find peace, harmony and serenity.
Which issues need to be addressed in which relationships and what is the possible outcome of doing so?
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Joyful and Peaceful Blessings,
Lisa Luna
Cards in order shown: The Golden Girls Tarot Cards by Chantel de Sousa; Botanica Tarot by Kevin Jay Stanton; The Tarot of Curious Creatures by Chris-Anne; The Radiant Tarot by T. Barnstone and A. Eldridge; The Drifting Moon Tarot by Lee White; Revelations Tarot by Zach Wong; The Sacred Creators Oracle by Chris-Anne; The Mary-El Tarot by Marie White; Moonology Oracle by Yasmin Boland
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