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Full Moon in Sagittarius with the Sun in Gemini
June 3, 2023 at 8:41pm PT
Explore, Expand, Discover

This is the Strawberry Full Moon named after the harvesting of ripening strawberries. It is a powerful energy making it possible to become more fully aware of what has been lacking or missing in your life, especially as it relates to learning, adventure, communicating, sharing, and travel. It imparts a feeling of moving out of the mundane and into the magic.
You can strongly connect with what you believe who you are now. If your beliefs aren't true to your current self, or are bad for you in some way, this Full Moon can challenge you to break free and start viewing matters from a different angle and in new ways that can be better for you. And if your current efforts aren’t leading you closer to your dreams, you might want to review your strategies.
Are you aiming in a direction that is beneficial and helpful or
Do you need to head in a different direction?
Are you putting your energies where they are really needed or
Do you need to refine where you are putting your energies?
Address your responsibilities and schedules while, at the same time, feeling pulled to enjoy life a little more.
Look for new ways to broaden your mind, and therefore yourself, by seeking different philosophies and belief systems.
Look at your relationships because sometimes you can lose sight of who you are as the shifts and changes you make are so subtle in your relationships that you are not even aware that you are losing sight of yourself.
Reassess how you can support your relationships by being the best version you can be and can stand as more of your true self.
Feel free to let go of any mindset or ideals that have been keeping you stuck.
What’s in the baggage you carry?
What do you really need, and what can you drop?
What’s a structural part of your identity – and what is not?
Where do you need to be more understanding and tolerant of differences?
Where have you been content with “just the facts” and need to dive into deeper meanings?
Although there is an energy that will make you feel like rushing into the potential new future, you may experience a few hurdles that might pop up bringing a sense of guilt or sadness, especially around past actions. During the next 2-3 weeks, the Universe asks that you let it out, let it go so that you can then move forward into an enlightened future, made stronger for the challenges that were endured. You just can’t keep sitting on your feelings–you need to figure them out and express them to be able to release them.

Leave the past behind, or at least what no longer has power over you, and get ready to head into new territory which will then have you bursting at the seams with new ideas, visions and plans. Know that if something does not suit you, you can start over. Take the wheel and be the master of your own destiny.

This Full Moon is about communication, attitude, new things, and a sense of adventure. Sagittarius rules travel, higher learning, and the law. This is a time to see the bigger picture and to look for ways to enlarge your perspectives. There are no barriers other than your internal fears. Look into the very depths of your soul, honestly admit your desires to yourself, allowing yourself to dream big as you contemplate your heart's desires and visualize making them a reality. Plans initiated now that focus on long-term growth with a hint of cautious expansion while you work a little harder than usual could lead to success.
With all this exciting energy, use common sense and keep your eyes open. To prevent situations blowing out of proportion, take a moment, two or three before you react to something or you might find that your words are preceding your thoughts. If you are traveling, take time to take all the necessary precautions and preparations. But, don’t let fears prevent you from trying something new or going on a quest. Now is an ideal time for traveling or exploring life outside of your comfort zone.

There are several Tarot cards associated with travel and expanding your horizons and world.

The Chariot is about movement, shifts, speed, and travel. Don’t sit still and wait for things to unfold. Know that you are at the helm to reach new insights and goals in life. It is about a journey and charging forward. Not travel in the ordinary way, but embarking on a life-changing trip. Whether it is nearby or somewhere in the world, it can impact you for life.
The Eight of Wands speaks about focus, a goal that is about travels and safe, quick journeys, typically indicating air travel or high-speed trains. Start making those travel plans and packing your luggage.
The Two of Wands is a journey to some other part of the country or world where you could combine your travels with study or work, and expanding your cultural understanding while experiencing new things.
The Three of Wands is about transitions and new horizons - a trip. It can be a short trip including a change of residence or could be about moving abroad. You will make a considerable change in your life. Even though this card is a Minor Arcana in the tarot deck, the decision to pack your bags and head out just might lead to a Major Arcana effect, as shown by the Chariot. Meaning, life-changing events that will have long-term effects with important lessons in your personal quest.
Runes also speak of travel, and for this Full Moon:
Raidho ᚱ is about movement, motion, travel. It represents a journey.
Dagaz ᛞ It symbolizes positive change and having the power to create your own change for your higher purpose
Ehwaz ᛖ is moving forward with steady progress and change for the better.
All signs point to making plans and then getting out into the world. The Sagittarius Full Moon is igniting your desire for travel and new experiences. Time to formulate goals, motivate yourself, enjoy life, take a break or two, or a trip, whether it's big or small. Look for adventures, go somewhere new and stimulating. You may be surprised at what you find and how it impacts and affects your life.
Harness the energy of this Full Moon by making time for your responsibilities, but also carving out time to unwind and play. Bring curiosity and new energy to your current habits and routines. You may even find that you are feeling more spontaneous, willing to quickly jump at opportunities, and might even have the urge to do something out of the ordinary. Do it. You never know where it may lead or what future doors may open as a result.
Looking for some mystical and practical guidance to help you with the weeks or months ahead? I’m here to share with you the information, inspiration and clarity that you want and need. Set up a Reading with me today!
Joyful and Safe Travels,
Lisa Luna
Cards from: Moonology Manifestation Oracle by Yasmin Boland; Desert Divination Oracle by Julie Peasly; Seelenreise Tarot by J. Aurelia and M. Bittner; The Meraki Tarot by Bouchette Design. Raidho, Dagaz and Ehwaz Runes by Jessie at cavebearwoman.com
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