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Super Full Moon Capricorn
July 3, 2023 at 4:38am PDT
Balance, Reframe, Alignment

This Full Moon is known as the “Thunder Moon” since thunder rumbles through the summer storms, but it is also known as the “Buck Moon” because the antlers of male deer (bucks) are in full-growth mode at this time. This will also be a Supermoon appearing breathtakingly extra big and bright as it will be at the closest point to Earth in its orbit. Coupled with the Full Moon expanding and magnifying everything, many believe that emotions can run much higher during the closeness of a Supermoon, meaning that feelings and physical displays of them – tears, laughter, anger – can surface far more easily while being more amplified and intense.
This is a chance for you to see with new vision and to look at the world in a new way. Following the powerful Solstice energies of June 21st, a bright new path awaits as you head into July with this challenging yet rewarding Capricorn Full Moon on the 3rd. While it does hold some heavy energies, it will guide you to pay attention to the things that are holding you back and what changes need to be made in order to move forward.

With these energies, put yourself in charge to lead your own way to make progress in any number of situations and areas of your life. Empower yourself by gaining insight into your true purpose and better understand your emotions, thoughts, and beliefs while unlocking your potential and gaining valuable wisdom.

When it comes to your most important ambitions there is a pull between your outer and inner worlds which offers the opportunity to recalibrate by mapping out your strategy for rest of the year. With the Sun in the sign of Cancer, and this Full Moon in Capricorn, look at the balance between what Cancer rules including your personal private life, domesticity, your home base, and nurturing versus what Capricorn is about which includes public life, career, reputation, accountability, sense of duty and responsibility. Neglecting either of these two can backfire on you.

When looking at your commitments, harness your logical mind rather than your emotional one while juggling all the responsibilities, obligations and stressors in your life. Think about what you absolutely have to do– your daily tasks, chores - and see how you can infuse it all with a little more lighthearted fun and make more time for you and your needs.

Use the calming, restorative energies of Cancer to focus on what is important and to make time for your well-being.
Commit where you are doing the bare minimum.
Tend to small details on a daily basis to support structural change.
Show more of who you are.
Get clear with where you want to go
And what you are after
Then make it happen
Now is not the time for procrastination.
Reflect on how far you’ve come, the work you've done and what gaps need to be filled or what might need to be strategically revamped to have you feeling like you are on track to achieve your goals. Then put your findings to work, rejuvenated with a sense of determination and clarity. This Full Moon presents a wonderful opportunity to think bigger and further to achieve what your heart knows will make you successful.
This illumination will highlight what is lacking —
Mentally and
leading to a purging, a letting go, or reassessing what you value both in your possessions and your relationships. Look after your relationships but know when to let go. If something does come to an end under this Full Moon, know it will pave the way for a new and lustrous beginning of what is truly meant for you.
All relationships are colored by emotional history and this Super Full Moon will certainly highlight where you may need to rethink things with regards to relations with close people and any issues of strengthening family ties can acquire special significance at this time. Thanks to the Cancer sensitivity, it may be possible to find a common language and ground with family members, friends, and acquaintance to resolve controversial issues. Just be willing to take the first step knowing that you may have to work a little harder to keep your cool and stay the grounded.
The Seven of Pentacles looks at how, up to this mid-year, you have worked hard; but there is still more to do to bring in the “harvest”. Make sure you are focusing your energies in the proper places. Thus far you have invested your time and energy into someone or something – but you might need to step back and take a look at where you are and know that some things might need to be revamped to allow the beginning of something new to grow long-term.
The Two of Pentacles is about the challenges of trying to keep different aspects of your life in perfect balance. There is a fine line between managing and balancing your priorities, tasks, and obligations and taking the necessary time for yourself. Avoid losing your equilibrium and not lose sight of the greater picture. Step back to have a better perspective of the situations.

This lunation calls for a merging of two opposing energies, which requires balancing emotions and ambitions, work or work-like activities with self-care, helping others vs. yourself. While the Cancer traits deal with emotional nurturing, the Capricorn is of independence and goal-oriented behavior.

In order to approach the second half of the year with objective enthusiasm think about what you want to “harvest”. What do you need to accomplish and be dutiful about (Capricorn) in order to keep your strongest emotional relationships healthy (Cancer)? How do you attain your goals and still take care of yourself and others? Every effort, even the smallest, shortens the path to the intended goal. While you may not have all the answers, sometimes just bringing awareness to the situation can be instrumental in making positive changes.
You have an opportunity to reframe your understanding of reality
To create change in your life
Don't get lost in your old stories.
Know when it's time to enjoy the moment and remember the important things in life. Celebrate all of the growth you have achieved.
Let go of trying to keep all options open.
This is your time, your moment, your life.
Listen to and align yourself with your heart to make the magic happen.
Joyful Blessings,
Lisa Luna
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Cards from: Moonology Manifestation Oracle by Yasmin Boland; Dreamtime Reading Cards by Laura Bowen; Sacred Destiny Oracle by Denise Linn; Couture Tarot by Megan Skinner; Crystal Magic Tarot by K. Ward and C. Gregory; The Muse Tarot by Chris-Anne; The Housewive’s Tarot by P. Kepple and J. Buffman; The Sacred Creators Oracle by Chris-Anne.
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