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Full Moon Aquarius
August 1st 2023 11:32AM PT
Community, Collaboration, Legacy

This month has two full moons, one occurring on August 1st (also called the Sturgeon Moon/Harvest Moon/Corn Moon) in detached Aquarius and the second full moon on August 30th, a blue moon in sensitive Pisces. This means that it will be a highly emotional month—full of endings and revelations.
The Full Moon in Aquarius asks you to expand your thinking - to leave behind what you believe are accepted standards in both the ways that you express yourself and your identity, and the ways that you interact with the world. Every action is one that ripples across the collective unconscious - for better or for worse, so this is the time to create the changes that you so desire - whether in your personal life or on a more public platform.
The August 1st Full Moon in Aquarius occurs during the Sun in Leo. Leo is intensely individual, not content with simply being just one of the team. And this Full Moon in Aquarius values the team, community, and group spirit. Trying to balance the unexpected changes, sudden adjustments of support systems—like where and with whom you live, work, and play—and changes in the groups with whom you identify with can end up creating realignment with your destiny.
During this period, you might also feel the need to assess important relationships in life and come to some sort of conclusion regarding them. Aquarius rules friends, groups and community, so issues with these may come to a head, and will have you figure out whether to solve the issues and feel closer or just cut the cords.

Aquarius governs change, so you may see significant events take place, not only in your personal life including with groups with whom you identify, but also in the world around you. Decide on the priorities, adjust goals and objectives in accordance with changing conditions while considering how to use resources more efficiently while figuring out where you could do better.

Consider giving up some plans, taking a short break, changing your views on some things. This is an opportunity to rewrite any of your old scripts that no longer work, to discard old ideas or timeworn patterns, and work through mental or emotional baggage that is still hanging on. It doesn’t matter which method turns out to be more effective, the main thing is to bring change into your life. These changes will help you to be true to yourself, to establish a unique sense of individuality, and to authentically express yourself – what you believe in and stand for. It may take time to sort through the many ideas you have changed, but these will help inform you what to do next while having you think about your place and purpose in life.
Some of the prevalent traits of Aquarius are innovation, uniqueness, and nonconformity. We’re all here to do something different. This Full Moon can help you find your thing, embrace it and go your own way. Aquarius is all about individualism and unapologetic self-expression. It is in your own uniqueness where you will find your path and your purpose.
The community-conscious Aquarius Full Moon reminds you that you are part of something larger than yourself, and that acting on your ideas and ideals will benefit everyone. By voicing your individuality and seeking out like-minded groups who think outside the box, a community project could make a powerful impact for a cause you champion. Aquarius energy highlights matters related to groups you are part of and people in your social sphere. With focus and collaboration, you and your tribe will have power greater than your numbers. You can achieve whatever you set your collective mind to—so think differently and dream big.
The Judgment card asks you to focus on yourself during this Full Moon in Aquarius phase. The radical changes you desire lie at your own front door, and it’s about recognizing who you are now vs who you once were, or who others thought you were. Time to acknowledge your own uniqueness and appreciate the strengths you possess, to prioritize them and allow them to thrive.
And the King of Wands is about being a leader and a driving and consistent force for good. Someone who shows up, invests, spends time and energy getting things moving and helps inspire others to contribute. Your hard work and commitment can energize a community project by recognizing and pursuing what truly matters and to become more self-aware and responsible.
This is a time to think out of the box in terms of what actions you could take.
Ask yourself:
What unique gifts do you have to offer to the world?
To look at the bigger and wider picture
To take a global position and
to look at yourself and your life in this perspective.
How will you use this energy to make a better world for yourself and others?
What are you contributing to this world?
How can you inspire others?
What is your legacy?
How do you make your corner of Earth a better place?
This Full Moon Aquarius is about finding equilibrium between being true to yourself and supporting one another, while acknowledging that by working together with others you have the power to transform the world – or at least your corner of it. Aim to make a difference and to sow the seeds for future generations.
Unsure where to start or what to do to make a difference? I’m here to share with you the information, inspirations, and clarity that you want and need to live your best life.
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Joyful and Peaceful Blessings,
Lisa Luna
Cards from: Moonology Manifestation Oracle cards by Yasmin Boland; Keeper of the Sacred Bee Tarot by Kelly Burton; The Tarot of Curious Creatures by Chris-Anne; The Meraki Tarot by Bouchette Design; Tarot de St. Croix by Lisa de St. Croix; Rebel Heart Tarot by A. Grist and N. Cotton; Gaian Tarot by Joanna Powell Colbert; Tarot of the Cosmic Seed by Lalania Simone; Wisdom of the Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid; The Divine Energy Oracle by Sonia Choquette.
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