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Full Blue Supermoon in Pisces
August 30, 2023 6:35pm PT
Emotions, Dreams, Intuition

You’ll be more sensitive to subtle energies and shifts in the world around you, and emotions will run high during this year’s biggest Supermoon which also is a Pisces Blue Moon that brings with it a hyper-sensitive, intuitive, yet compassionate energy. When two full Moons occur in a single month, like they are this August, you may feel even more intense emotions but adding to all this, this is also a Supermoon that amplifies energies.
Despite the name, a Blue Moon is not actually blue in color - it has the same color and appearance as any other full moon. A Blue Moon is the second full moon in one calendar month. Typically, there is one full moon per month, separated by 29 days, but since months are mostly 30-31 days long, sometimes a second full moon can make its way into the same month. The saying, “once in a blue moon,” suggests that something is rare or unlikely because a Blue Moon only happens roughly once every two and a half years. The spiritual meaning of a Blue Moon is like a Full Moon on steroids! The energy is even bigger and brighter and expands everything. Blue moons are said to be full of luck and magic.
A Supermoon is when the moon’s orbit is closest to the Earth at the same time the moon is full making the Moon appear to be slightly brighter and larger than a regular Full Moon — about 15% brighter and 20% bigger.
This second full moon in August will awaken your intuition and spiritual side. Incorporating these two qualities into your everyday life while providing the calm and pure energy to deal with life situations. Because this happens during Virgo season, you could be seeking perfection and structure in your life, which could point to your overthinking things outside your control. Use the Virgo energy to remain calm, centered, and grounded because this Full Moon will be united with Saturn, which will add a layer of seriousness and gravity to your emotions as well. Obstacles, challenges, natural conclusions and unaddressed emotions may force you to take a step back and face what you haven’t wanted to face bringing clarity and insight into what is blocking you from your goals.
Use the increased intuition of Pisces to look at all the ways in which you regulate your life:
Are you setting too many rules for yourself?
Are you aiming for perfection?
Is there anything you need to let go of?
What changes would you like to make?
Is there anything you want to complete or finish up, like a project, a business launch, or something else?
What long term goals would you like to achieve and manifest?
This is a time to take a look at what you can and cannot control and to truly focus on what matters the most to you.
Dreams will be more vivid, graphic and surreal. Upon waking try to reflect on whatever dream details you can for there may be insights, nuggets of wisdom and messages that are answers to problems, especially where you have been feeling helpless or disempowered, or where you still have unfinished business with lessons to learn that might be causing friction or pain in your life. Keep a journal of what dreams you remember for some of these messages could turn out to be seeds for your future growth.
Pisces is the last Zodiac sign and associated with endings; Full Moons also rule endings, so this Pisces Full Moon is a time of a release and major endings or two. Having two Full Supermoons in the same month indicates a strong pull to release, detox, let go, and walk away from all that no longer resonates with you. See how your past, present, and future are connected, especially if you’ve been struggling to recognize why something happened in your past. You might just be able to understand it a little more clearly and finally let it go. This moon is a path to deep soulful healings and places where amends need to be made.
It’s time to face facts, make adjustments, and reflect on the past so you can identify baggage, blocks and patterns that need to be addressed to enable you to move forward without them holding you back. You will find the courage and ability to remove from your life what must be removed, allowing you to be ready to finish, release, let go, and to then move on. Don’t let fears influence tough decisions, choices, or reality checks for you. Aim for strength and to be more caring and considerate. Doing this will help you to reset on a soul level.
Full Moons show you different angles of situation that may have been hidden before. Look at events in your life, emotions in your body, and thoughts in your mind with a new perspective which will help you to understand things in a new light and view them through a different lens. Through these revelations, you can then process your thoughts and feelings to give yourself a chance to let go of the past and finally heal so you can step fully into the present. Healing, though, cannot occur until you understand what you are healing. Often pieces of the puzzle can be missed, or they remain shadowed until you are energetically ready to receive them. This Full Moon will reveal what you are ready to illuminate and integrate into your consciousness in order to understand the whole picture.
The Moon card suggests that things are not quite as they may appear. It also represents trusting your intuition, illuminating your fears, anxieties and your ‘shadow self’ – the side that you hide from others. It also is about vivid dreams which have important information and hidden meanings.
The High Priestess is the card of spiritual openings and psychic messages telling you to use your intuition to make decisions. It serves as a reminder to introspect and listen to your own inner counsel, while paying more attention to the smallest synchronicities and symbols that appear in your everyday life.
Turn inwards these next few weeks. Let your dreams guide you, trust your intuition, and know that things aren’t always as they appear. Dive behind surface appearances so that you can continue your journey with updated inner and outer maps.

After reflecting on what from the past needs to be let go and then releasing it, then set intentions for the future and connect with the energy of the Universe. Every person has a different beautiful and difficult journey in this lifetime, so follow your own North Star - have compassion for yourself, keep doing what you love.

Are you following your North Star?
What puzzle pieces in your life are missing?
Do you want to gain clarity about an issue you’re dealing with or are troubled by and you’re looking for some guidance.
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Joyful and Peaceful Blessings,
Lisa Luna
Cards shown: Moonology Manifestation Oracle Cards and Moonology Oracle Cards by Yasmin Boland and Lori Menna and Nyx Rowan; Sacred Destiny Oracle by Denise Linn; Seelenreise Tarot by Julia Aurelia and Melanie Bittner; Wisdom of the Oracle by Colette Baron-Reid; The Drifting Moon Tarot by Lee White and Grace Selene; Rebel Heart Tarot by Alice Grist and Niki Cotton; The Shadow of Oz Tarot; Aboriginal Spirit Oracle by Mel Brown.
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