"Thank you for the in-depth reading that resonated with me in so many ways and that gave me an action plan to make a decision. Thank you, thank you for such an excellent reading."
Ilona, Germany

Tarot reader My Tarot Readings are like sitting down with a friend who will listen to you, help sort through mental clutter and fog, honestly read into the heart of the matter or situation, and then offer helpful, workable advice and guidance.

Friends at coffee We all want to see what is on the road ahead, and your Tarot Reading will provide you with information to help you to be proactive in working out different choices and options. My Reading will help you create solutions so you are empowered to manifest what you truly want.

A Reading session with me is heart-felt and integrative. I will share with you what the cards have shown me. But remember, your Reading may not always be what you wanted to hear - but the Universe will always show you what you need to know.

Anything In Addition To Tarot In The Reading?

Booking a Tarot Reading means the primary focus will be the Tarot, but many times it may be cross-referenced to basic astrology, numerology and other practices for a multi-faceted experience. The additional information is an additional charge and does require providing more detailed personal information.

"The cards don’t predict your future, they help you create it."

Dona Murphy, Spiritual Coach

No Appointments to Schedule

All Readings are done via email which reduce scheduling problems across time zones and is available to a global audience. There are no set appointments or firm time commitments to schedule.

In the privacy of your own space, select your reading option or email your question(s) to me. This gives you time, in privacy, to formulate the question(s) or concerns that you have. You must be older than 18 years to purchase a Reading.

Where and How Is The Reading Done?

House in forest My private home office is surrounded by lush forests and it is in this setting that your Reading begins with the laying of appropriate crystals and stones and other items for your particular question(s) which will help enhance and balance the energies. This is followed by a meditation where I focus solely on you and connect with your energy, your questions and concerns.
Fan of cards Tarot cards are then laid out in a Tarot spread appropriate for the question(s) using both Major Arcana and Minor Arcana Tarot cards. If you have requested, I may also consult basic Astrology and/or Numerology. I will then interpret the messages that the Cards and the Universe have to say to you.

What Happens After You Do The Actual Reading?

Your Reading will be transcribed and each card will be describe and how it relates to your question, along with a summary of how they all work together to deliver guidance and advice, a photo of the Tarot spread and any other information. All this information is emailed to you in a PDF file. (Please check your spam folder just in case my emails is there by mistake). By employing this means of communication, you can take your time going over the information and you have a chronicle to refer to again and again to inspire you.

Click to view an example of a three-card spread reading email.

I will do my utmost best to have readings delivered to you within three (3) business days in an email format with an attached PDF file. The start of the three (3) business days begins when all the needed/required information is received and payment has been made in full. Please note that a lack of client response to clarifying questions can delay the reading. But, sometimes Life happens! If there is the potential of a delay in completing your reading, I will notify you by email as soon as possible with the expected time-frame for completion.

Your reading is a complete service in itself. You are not required to purchase anything else.

What about the Astrology or Numerology?

Zodiac You can have basic Astrology or Numerology included with your Reading, which will require additional personal information, including date of birth; time of birth, location of birth, your birth name, and your current full name. This information is not necessary for just a Tarot Reading – only if you want other methodology included. There is an additional charge for doing Numerology using your name(s) and/or using time of birth and location of birth for Astrology.

What Can The Reading Tell Me?

A Tarot Reading is a guide to finding possibilities, answers and solutions; but, you need to be willing to do what is necessary to create and enable them. Ultimately, I do not make your decisions for you for it is your choice and decision based on free will as to what choices and decision to make as a result of your Reading.

I use Tarot cards as a tool to help clients understand their lives and gain insight into the situation in question by empowering clients to think through their options and to come to a decision on their own. Whichever direction the cards may show, the future lies in the hands of each individual person. You can affect the outcomes of any reading, your free will and personal responsibility are fully your own, and you act according to your own conscience.

Is there anything you don’t read on?

I do not believe that Tarot Readings reflect any sort of inevitable future because the future is not set in stone. Because we all have Free Will. I am not a fortune-teller and I am not a psychic. I do not provide psychic readings, rather I provide intuitive readings. Please review the Disclaimer for additional information.

How Old Do You Have To Be For A Reading?

I do not read for anyone under the age of 18 years old.

What About Refunds?

Every Reading is personalized and custom, therefore, once payment has been made and processed, there are no refunds.


A Reading should be considered for ENTERTAINMENT PURPOSES only. Tarot is part of my personal spiritual expression that I take seriously, and I approach your reading session with reverence and care. While I encourage you to treat what I say as being for entertainment purposes only, know that for me, it is an expressions of my personal gnostic beliefs.


A Tarot professional cannot predict the future.I do not offer, and therefore do not do predictions or readings of any form, including but not limited to: predicting the future, solving crimes, pregnancies, paternities, winning lottery number, stock market predictions, locating lost items or persons, names, predicting exact dates of events, illness or other medical conditions, reading about past lives, predicting death or death dates, reading for possible demon possessions, questions related to dark energies or dark magic, or any other inquiry that is colored predominately by fortune-telling. I do not use the cards to identify any form of ‘curses’ or ‘bad energy’ or remove them; and I do not speak to the dead. I do not do readings on health diagnosis or that violates another person’s privacy.

Consult Experts

Any and all Tarot readings, including with and from Wise Owl are for entertainment purposes only. I am not a doctor, lawyer, accountant, or mental health provider. I am not a qualified or certified financial advisor, licensed attorney, medical doctor, or mental health counselor. I will not give professional advice related to these fields or any other fiend in which I am not qualified. In no way should your reading with me be construed as financial, legal or medical advice. Do not make any decisions that would affect your legal, financial or medical condition without consulting or seeking advice from qualified and licensed legal, financial or medical professionals. Also, Tarot readings cannot replace qualified mental health care. You, as the client, are encouraged to seek the help of a qualified professional including but not limited to license professional help of medical doctors, mental health counselors and psychologists, financial advisors and licensed attorney.