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Full Moon in Gemini
November 27, 2023 at 1:17am PST
Options, Stories, Decisions

With this Full Moon in the sign of Gemini you can gain insights into your beliefs and emotions where you will feel your feels, be more communicative and expressive, and be more intuitive. You will be diving deeper into your thoughts to express yourself more authentically as this Full Moon has powerful energies to light up hidden truths and feelings you may not have seen or wanted to see.
Being more open and honest will allow you to embark on a journey of self-discovery and self-reflection. Your mind may feel more active pushing you to engage in deep conversations, seek knowledge, and explore new ideas where you find yourself considering multiple perspectives or confronting conflicting beliefs. Take time to journal and meditate.
Try not to over-commit yourself and instead carve out the “me time” you need to keep yourself in balance and your emotions in check. Take a look at how you’ve been allocating your time among your friends and acquaintances, as any neglected or strained relationships may come to the surface. You can also gain insight into the connections you have that make you feel larger than life and those that make you shrink allowing you to establish fresh starts that are free from the ghosts of the past.
Communication isn’t just about how you relate to others, but it is also the way you communicate with yourself. Step outside the nuances of everyday life to see the bigger and grander picture that will have you embracing a broader perspective. Release overthinking and all the things that make you feel confused, uncertain, or unsure about yourself, and instead focus your attention on what makes you feel confident and certain.
This is all about the stories you tell yourself about life. How have your visions of what you want been taking shape and how can you take them to the next level? Discover what you’ve outgrown so you can start anew. You have the chance to unlock your true potential and embark on an amazing journey of self-discovery.
The Lover’s card represents having two strong options and the need to make a decision between them by listening to both your heart and your head in regards to situations or directions in your life. Feel where your energy has become divided because in this energy of uncertainty, you can find magic and endless possibilities. Ask yourself:
Where is your mind saying one thing, but your heart is saying another?
Where are you feeling indecisive or insecure in your decisions?
What do you need to release in your life?
What are you afraid of and why?
What negative communication do you need to put an end to?
What do you believe and why?
What have you discovered that can change your beliefs about yourself and the world?
What feeds you, emotionally, spiritually, physically?
What new story comes to you as you shed your old story?

It can become an important turning point to figure out what to prioritize and where you want to put your focus and energy.

Take advantage of these energies to see your life from a fresh perspective and recognize that any change you crave lies within you. Have the courage to travel new roads. Be willing to embrace what is different. This Full Moon illuminates the way back home to yourself to rewrite your story and start creating a new future - your future.
Let’s do a Reading to find out how you would like to rewrite your story that will create your future!
It’s never too late to take the first step on a new journey.
Joyful and Peaceful Blessings,
Lisa Luna
Wise Owl Tarot
Cards from: Moonology Manifestation by Yasmin Boland and Lori Menna; Queen of the MoonOracle by Stacey DeMarco; One Ancient Myth Tarot Deck Classic of Mountains and Seas by Carolyn Zing; The Universal Tarot by Maxwell Miller; The Shadow of Oz Tarot by IllogicalAssociates; The Sacred Creators Oracle by Chris-Anne; Heartscape Tarot by Camelt Studio llc; Rebel Heart Tarot by Alice Grist and Niki Cotton.
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