"I have never had my cards read before but had some big life issues I was needing guidance on. A friend recommended Lisa Luna, and although I approached it with some uncertainty, in the end I am glad I did. The Deep Dive reading she did for me surpassed my expectations and was pretty amazing. Not only did all my questions get answered, but I was able to effectively address the obstacles that she said were going to come into my life. She went into a lot of detail that not only helped me understand my situations and the challenges but also on what I needed to focus on to allow me to reach my goals. I have a far more positive outlook than I did before. Thank you, thank you, thank you!"
Abbielynn, Seattle
"My reading with Lisa Luna was a wonderful and healing experience. I was feeling lost in my relationship and wasn’t sure what to make of it or what to do next. Her reading was intuitive and she made it easy to understand what the cards were saying. I was amazed at how she was able to speak to my specific concerns, and I felt like she really understood where I was coming from. The message was exactly what I needed to hear to have my questions answered on what I need to do."
Karleen, Sweden
"Lisa Luna has consistently shared with me invaluable insights and advice through some of my most difficult life situations in recent years. With her caring and empathetic but honest approach, she helped me get clear understanding and vision of where I needed to focus my energies and efforts so I could go in the right direction for the goals and outcomes I wanted in my life. I know these will change over the years, but I know I can count on Lisa Luna to be there for me should and when I need her."
Nicole, USA
"This was my first Tarot reading, and I didn’t know what to expect, so I was a little hesitant and skeptical. I decided to have this reading with Lisa Luna mostly because of the positive reviews others have left and also because a friend suggested I follow her on IG, where she has some incredibly helpful postings. All I can say is I wish I had done this sooner, much sooner. I don’t know how she does it, but she was SO accurate. And she was patient and comforting, and I could tell she understood me and only wanted the best for me. Her reading was a real eye-opener and gave me the insights, advice and motivation to make the positive changes in my life that had been challenging me for some time. I totally recommend getting a reading from her. It will change your life."
Emmy, Sweden
"Your reading was very accurate and gave me a lot of insight into my situation, was extremely helpful to me and provided a lot of value! You completely answered my question and gave me the information and insight needed to take action to move forward. I would absolutely recommend you as a Tarot Reader to others!"
Siobhan, USA
"Thank you so much for the reading and the clarity. The accuracy was amazing from start to finish. 100% accurate!"
Naida, Bosnia-Herzegovina
"I am so pleased to be one of your clients. Your reading was so energetically in tune and perfectly described the whole situation that I was going through. I appreciate all your effort and sincerity in giving me a reading that was so accurate."
Susan, USA
"Thank you for the in-depth reading that resonated with me in so many ways and that gave me an action plan to make a decision. Thank you, thank you for such an excellent reading."
Ilona, Germany
"What can I say but thank you and thank you! Your reading was so vividly accurate and empowered me to be able to figure out how to move forward in the next year."
Marina, Croatia
"I read with great interest and intrigue the reading you gave me. You showed what I might expect and ways to be aware and prepared during the next few months. And guess what! I was so glad I was cognizant of the possible situations because they did come about in my life. Without your guidance, I wouldn't have been so mentally prepared."
Emily, USA
"Your reading was near perfect with regards to my situation and reading question I asked. Your actionable steps to move forward were just what I needed to hear and will start on them today."
Kunal, India
"Wow! Your reading was so incredibly detailed and went above and beyond my expectations. You really gave me a lot to think about and helped guide me to what my focus should be for the coming months. Thank you so so very much!!"
Traci, USA
"Your reading was on point and very thorough. Possibly the best reading I have ever had. Everything you stated lines up with what is happening right now. The information you shared with me is most appreciated and has enlightened me to move forward with confidence."
Cyndii, USA
"Thank you for such a thorough and in depth reading that gave me so much insight into my situation and completely answered my questions. You provided me the information and insight needed to take action in doable steps so I can move forward. You truly hit the nail on the head and were so spot on. I am so grateful!"
Megan, USA
"Lisa Luna is a very perceptive, straight forward Tarot Reader. I appreciated her honest reading approach which offered additional insights and advice that was relevant to my situation. Her interpretations of the cards were spot on and provided a deeper and multi-dimensional layer of understanding. She shared with me advice that I could put into action to allow for the best outcome."
Nadira, Saudi Arabia
"You totally and completely answered my questions, and the thoroughness was incredible. The amount of information, details and insights of the reading was all so helpful and gave me what I needed to take action to move forward."
Lizbeth, USA
"What I most valued or appreciated about this reading is that you provided me with so much information. And yes, your reading was “down-to-earth, no-nonsense reality based but it gave me the information and insight needed to take action and move forward and onward. The reading gave me a good insight into my situation and was very helpful to me. I would absolutely recommend you as a Tarot Reader to others!"
Alyssa, USA
"What a detailed and insightful reading. The Reading was extensive, extremely helpful and addressed each of the questions and doubts I had about my situation. You completely answered my questions and gave me the information and insight needed to take action and move forward. I would, without any hesitation, absolutely recommend you as a Tarot Reader to others."
Saachi, India
"I don’t know where to start on how impressed and grateful I am how detailed your Reading was. It is thorough and on target and it left me with no doubts about what I needed to focus on to effectively deal with my situations."
Daniel, USA
"Your reading was so very insightful and totally resonated with me. I appreciated your actionable items suggestions that you provided, which helped me to address my concerns and issues that I was going through."
Olivia, USA
"Your reading and insights totally resonated with me. You provided a lot of insight to my current perplexing and confusing situation. Although I had a hunch about it, your reading absolutely confirmed it. You answered every single question I had and your presentation was clear, detailed, and straight to the point. Thank you! "
Mahika, India
"I just wanted to say a big thank you for the reading. I was so impressed with the fast delivery of my reading, and how super accurate you were about my current circumstances. You gave me an absolutely beautiful reading that emanated so much love and light, and that completely gave me the information, advice and insights I needed to overcome the blocks and distractions to move forward in a new, clear direction with confidence. I am so excited to begin my new creative venture which I might not have had the courage to do if I hadn’t had the reading."
Lisandra, Estonia

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