I am a life-long intuitive Tarot Reader with a no-nonsense, down-to-earth, practical, reality based, frank, tough love approach. But with compassion and a positive attitude. My Tarot Readings are heart-felt, non-judgmental and are simple to understand - no confusing mumbo-jumbo jargon or way-out-there esoteric terms, just everyday words in an everyday manner. Bridege in forest

Tarot serves as a bridge between our conscious and unconscious knowledge.

Tarot can empower you to know the various challenges ahead on your road so you can prepare for and make the necessary changes or adjustments that help you move forward. By clarifying difficult situations and showing you possible outcomes and different paths, you can navigate with confidence.

As a Tarot life coach and mentor, my passion is guiding people to map an action plan by helping them figure out what the challenges may be, focusing on identifiable action steps and ways to confront and handle outcomes, and then, what decisions and actions they may need to do to manifest what they want in life.

"Wow! Your reading was so incredibly detailed and went above and beyond my expectations. You really gave me a lot to think about and helped guide me to what my focus should be for the coming months. Thank you so so very much!!"
Traci, USA
GPS Tarot is a tool that can clarify and guide you on your road through life. It is a map, a directional app, that can be used on your journey. A journey of who you are, where you are going and becoming.

And Tarot can help you navigate on that road.

Woman with suitcase on road Your choices and decisions, no matter how insignificant, small or large, coupled with how you respond to events in your everyday life, affect and effect your future. Tarot can show you new directions and available possibilities, different paths and options that you can choose from so you can make the choices and decisions to move forward with confidence toward your desired goals. We create our own futures based on the decisions and choices we make in life.

Each new day adds to the evolution of ‘you’ and the sooner you start on your focused journey, the sooner your results can start to happen.

Magician with moon My goal is to have your questions answered and have you feel enlightened, inspired and empowered so you can start to feel more aligned, connected and empowered on your journey through life.

Tarot is a language that the Universe is communicating with us and when you can hear what it being communicated to you, life can become a lot less confusing.

I am a member in good standing with the following organizations:
  • American Tarot Association
  • Tarosophy Tarot Association
  • National Tarot Readers Association U.K.
  • Tarot Association of the British Isles
  • Tarot Guild of Australia
  • Biddy Tarot Community
  • American Federation of Astrologers
  • Ordained ULC Minister